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The Skin You Will Love journey, by Jody Murphy:

I’m a married mum of 2 boys, full time Psychiatric Intensive Care Nurse and Co Director of Skin You Will Love Ltd and SYWL School of Aesthetics Ltd.

It’s full on, I know!

My journey to get clearer skin started many years ago when I was plagued by a skin complaint that even baffled the dermatologists… I was given lotions and potions, steroids, emollients, shower gels, shampoos, antibiotics, tablets, creams… you name it, I had it.

Nothing helped. In the end I stopped getting my hopes up and thought the breakdown of my skin that covered one half of my body from head to toe was something I should just live with.  All I wanted was clear, scar free skin, but I started to feel that I shouldn’t get my hopes up that it would go away.

Yet this defeatist way of thinking bugged me.

So, I took to learning instead. I read book after book and started learning about skin, mental health, stress, skin complaints, skin care and what all the different acids and topically applied products do, how vitamins work… it went on and on.

I then decided to train in facials, I took skincare courses, read more books, learned new treatments, and started to create bespoke skin care plans for clients…

Skin You Will Love was born…

I trained in injectables, completed my mental health nursing degree, and started my master’s qualification in aesthetics.

Kate joined me and we decided to take it to the next level with more advanced aesthetics practice and share our knowledge with others…

SYWL School of Aesthetics was born……

We put our heart and soul into sharing our knowledge and best practice with those who train with us and it’s a pleasure to see those individuals and their businesses thrive.

We support teens and help them to manage their skin, so they grow up with the right habits and skincare routine.  If we can help one young person with any of the kind of problems I had as a teenager, then it’s a job well done!

Out of an unpleasant time, grew a beautiful business where we get to help others.

We next had a vision of launching a skincare range that was affordable, effective, and suitable for all. We wanted to help all our clients who didn’t know where to start looking, with the vast volume of skincare products that are available. We know how hard it is to decide what to buy, when you don’t know what each product does….

SYWL Skincare range was born…….

It was 18 months in the making, and we launched 5 products, all of which are organic and vegan.

Our sterile dermal rollers followed! We went through an intense design and modification process to ensure we produced the best rollers for our clinic, clients, public and students.

We are always looking to spread the SYWL love with all by sharing quality products with clients, help aesthetics practitioners provide quality treatments with our sterile rollers and provide quality and professional industry education.

We also want to help those who want to help themselves with their own skin and feel lost like I did all those years ago.

We are in the process of making our dreams come true by helping you with yours….

And there is more to come, so watch this space!

Much love

Jody x

About Our Collection

Perfect Quality & Suitable For All!

Our products are so powerful only small amounts are needed but gentle enough to be used on all skin types.

We have quality, but affordable products, so you can maintain a good skincare regime at home using products we love and approve of so you can have the skin you will love!

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Level Up Your Aftercare With Us!

We have researched and have spent long hours looking for the right products that are high quality, affordable, suitable for all skin types, vegan friendly, have organic ingredients and made in the UK.

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Before & After Treatments

We are delighted to share some of our client case studies.

We wanted to give you a flavour of some of the results achieved from the treatments we provide at the Skin You Will Love Clinic.

The pictures you see are from our lovely clients and details of the treatment they have received.

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Training Courses


We offer a range of courses within the Aesthetics industry, in order to help you obtain the qualification required, in order to practice withing the aesthetics arena in a safe, ethical and professional manner.

Our training Academy is unique in the fact that we will not accept you onto our training courses at Advanced level, until you can provide evidence that you have completed the required foundation courses. The evidence we require are 10 fact based case studies that you have completed at Foundation level.

This makes our training ethical and professional and we won’t budge on this.

Need funding?

We want your career within the Aesthetics industry to run as smoothly as possible and as such, we may be able to help if you are looking for funding to assist you with finance for your course.

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We also offer payment plans, so email us to find out more info@skinyouwilllove.com 

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